About Us

In her 20 year medical career, Karen Hamilton, MD practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gynecologic Surgery and Women’s Health in the Midwest and Northwestern U.S. After her reKarentirement from medical practice, she pursued education and training in various natural healing modalities as a way to help her deal with worsening arthritis. She created LovingKindness Art, a business devoted to fostering the benefits of meditative art, and was certified as a Reiki Master in 2017. Her love for animals and their families prompted her to create Doctor Poppins, an in-home pet and house-sitting service. She is currently creating programs to provide Reiki to those in the hospital or medical setting (Medical Reiki) and enjoys working with those dealing with challenging life transitions such as divorce, job and career transitions, loss of loved ones including pets, and working with the grief process. She is certified in Animal Reiki and continues to practice meditative art extensively as a healing therapy.

Although holistic modalities helped lessen the pain, her arthritis continued to progress, severely affecting the structure and function of both knees, and in 2018 it was recommended that she undergo total knee replacement. The reality of undergoing two such procedures within several months with no family nearby to care for her afterwards led her to contemplate possible solutions that could be of benefit not only to herself, but to the neighborhoods and communities that she is passionate about serving. Her work with Veterans struggling with PTSD and other conditions, along with her need for some sort of transitional post-operative support for herself inspired the ideas behind Community Helping Hands.  She is committed to creating programs and materials that can be used to implement this project in neighborhoods and communities across the country.